“I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to the SLEPP for all their help in writing my book.

The people who helped me with this is wonderful
pulp fiction (the so-called “SLEPP”):

Gábor Antal, historian

György Gulyás Nagy, conductor

Éva Jaskó, literary historian

István Máté, graphic artist, designer

Péter Mészáros, architect

Balázs Pálfi, painter

Péter Palotás, photographer

Tímea Székely, graphic artist

István Tikos, historian of downtown architecture

Special thanks to:
Zoltán Balázs, Péter Bárkányi, Bence Bobák, Katalin Marinka-Tóth, György Mohai, Patricia Plander, Carlos Rodero, Julia Salomero Sese, Michael Webb

Julianna Garbacz, Anna Iskra, Veronika Farkas, Árpád Li Zhen, Ivana Martic, Zsuzsa Somogyi, dr. Zsolt Szeghalmi (translators)

I wrote most of my book in Cafe Zsivago in Budapest, after work, at weekends.
The special atmosphere of the place inspired my writing to a great extent


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