Dear Visitor,

My name is Sabastian Gall. I wrote a novel series (Star Sky) following a horrific encounter with someone. However every bad things includes something good. I hope you will like my story.

I really think we are able to grow by leaving our comfort zone. It’s impossible to fully comprehend the other individuals if someone was always a leader.

As a firm believer of lifelong learning, I’ve always studied something. For instance, I’m an economist, however I also studied psychology and languages as well. Without any carrier reason I just wanted to learn about the different processes across various dimensions.

Many locations were my home before.  I spent six years in London, United Kingdom and six month in San Diego, California. However I completed my studies in Budapest, Gyor, Hungary, London, United Kingdom and San Diego, California ehich I think is the most beautiful city around the world.

My optimistic attitude and growing confidence in people made me able to overcome any difficult circumstance. Even my negative experiences helped me a lot. The book series I wrote was created after the most difficult experience in my life. It was crafted to my own interest and it is also made a lot of changes in my personality. Now I’m more careful with other people.

Every day is an adventure, and it is our sole obligation to live the way without harming others.