Star Sky II- A macedonian story

“In memory of Stefan Pekalić 1926-2018”

“In memory of Peter Vereckei 1979-2021”

An idealist ex-politician and a macedonian enivronmental activist meet on tram 4 at Budapest. A canadian gold-mining company acquired mining rights in the mountains near Strumica. Petra and Marco organizing demonstrations involving the locals agains the investment, although they are many, they doesn’t have much influence on things. In addition, the macedonian secret service is constantly trying to discredit them.

With the appearance of Tamas Pichner and his friends the situation change radically.
This team isn’t made up ordinary people. A former NB1 futbalist, a professor of accounting working in a scottish pub, a TV program editor, a wealthy jewish merchant and the procurement leader of the biggest oil company in Texas join to the locals against the investment. These people don’t even suspect they’re probably in the biggest adventure in their lives


Autor: Sabastian Gall
Translator: Gábor Antal
Lector: Julianna Garbacz
Illustrations: Tímea Székely
Cover painting: Balazs Palfi
Copyright © Sabastian Gall,
2021 All rights reserved.