Star Sky I – Path of Stars

In Victorian England, Catherine, a local historian living in the picturesque city of Cheltenham, and Thomas, an accountant fall in love with each other. But obviously, that wouldn’t make the story interesting. Thomas makes a mistake, and he doesn’t even suspect that not only will he destroy the lives of the two, but his wrong decision will start a series of devastating events that end up harming thousands of people. What is more, their relationship creates negative karma which influences them in another life as well.

Exactly 164 years or a Neptune cycle later, Tamás, a project manager, meets Carolina, a tour guide in Budapest, Hungary. Although they find each other extremely attractive, neither a love relationship nor a friendship develops between them. Their subconscious fears, mutual suspicion and mistrust intensify their relationship, and normal communication becomes impossible between them, despite all their good intentions. They have no idea how far the reasons for it go back in history.
Do they manage to reconcile in the present and break their negative karma in the end?

Here is the story.

author: Sabastian Gall
translator: Julianna Garbacz
corrector: Katalin Marinka-Tóth
audiobook: Michael Webb
illustrations: Tímea Székely
cover painting: Balazs Palfi
cover: Nora Varaljai
sound master: Bence Bobak



Copyright © Sabastian Gall,
2020 All rights reserved.