From a small rural town in Borsod county, Carolina Reina moves to downtown Budapest. She gets a job in the procurement department of a multinational company called English Petrol. The beautiful, very tall, highly decorative woman is impressed by the nightlife. She eats men, but because she doesn’t like to be attached, she makes strict rules, only dating people who have families. The tall water polo player Gabor, also gets into her net. He ignores these rules, so Carolina beats him with another casual partner, Zoltan. Gabor cannot process the disappointment, so he will commit suicide.

The widow Lajos, Gabor’s father, worked as an intelligence officer for many years. His calm retirement years are suddenly disturbed by what happened to his son. He doesn’t believe his son has committed suicide, so he starts investigating what really happened. He wants revenge, using his own methods. His old friend, Bertalan Szarvassy, who is just returning from Macedonia, is in a hurry to help.

Meanwhile, another large multinational oil company is finding traces of industrial espionage at its headquarters in Texas at HexxonOil. Their purchasing manager, who is also in Macedonia, Peter, is given the task of traveling to Budapest and working with local authorities to find out how the company’s strategic plans are leaking to rival English Petrol.

Of course, the XIX. Century England appears again. And that is will be revealed most of the characters do not meet each other for the first time.


Autor: Sabastian Gall
Translator: Julianna Garbacz
Lector: Gábor Antal
Cover painting: Balazs Palfi
Cover: Nóra Váraljai

Copyright © Sabastian Gall,
2021 All rights reserved.